• Please send us a picture of your favorite spot during your trip to Japan.

    In ToCoo!, we are looking for the pictures taken by our customers in the places or tourist spots where you were moved, charmed, impressed or fascinated: "Nature scenic spots", "Religious sites", "Castles", "Skylines", Buildings", "Gardens", "Experience spot", "Festivals", "Fireworks", "Cherry blossoms", "Autumn leaves" or anything that you would consider "must see or do" during a trip to Japan.

  • Please be sure to check and confirm the following guidelines

    1. The picture must be one that you have taken yourself.
    2. The picture must have width 640 pixels, height 480 pixels or more, with a size of 5MB or below.
    3. The entry of the name of the shooting location, shooting time/month, prefecture, username, your nationality, and comment is mandatory.
    4. A customer can post/submit multiple pictures, but every picture has to be submitted one by one.
    5. ToCoo! might do some editing to the submitted photo in order to be able uploaded properly into the page.
    6. Please make sure the submitted photograph does not violate any law, such as copyright, privacy rights, portrait rights, etc.
    7. The customer submits freely and volunteering the photo expecting no compensation, and entrust and gives ToCoo! the right and discretion to use and post the photo and information related to it, such as time and location where the picture was taken, etc.

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