In to the unknown
MilkiizP (Thailand)
Lian Sze Vui (Malaysia)
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Biei, don’t visit once, visit twice or more.
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Just perfect!
Dhos (Thailand)
Beautiful sunset under Kent & Mary Tree 
Patrick (Hong Kong )
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北海道自駕,自由自在。Tocool so good!
美瑛時間 (Taiwan)
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Although it is not in good quality, I wish the photo can show the fun for driving trip
Sam (Hong Kong)
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Aimee (Hong Kong)
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wyLam (Hong Kong)
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Flowers galore
elderd ong (Singapore)
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Rainbow flower farm
elderd Ong (Singapore)
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Biei hill is very nice place for sightseeing
panitnont (Thailand)
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簡單就是美 (Taiwan)
Sunflower farm with wonderful weather and the sky Biei is a very nice place to go by driving..
Lim Kanglun (Malaysia)
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Kok Vun Tim (Hong Kong)
Kok Vun Tim (Hong Kong)
Mirror in car reflect the scenery from the view point along the way from Asahikawa-Biei
chaipud (Thailand)
Parent and Child tree in biei
Darkcoolio (Singapore)
Biei is well-known as a town with many picturesque beautiful hills and beautiful landscape.
jirobkk (Thailand)
Wonderful greenery way.
ISARANAN (Thailand)
Drive around Biei
Rain Jitchana (Thailand)
Beautiful colours at this flower field!
Ern Chee (Malaysia)
This was taken in Biei during Aug 2015 . It was so beautiful and scenic, it made us very happy!
Avril Ong (Singapore)
Such a beatiful summer hay stacks field (Thailand)