Great Lake view in Toya Kanko Hotel
Lake Toya (Taiwan)
洞爺湖湖景 (Taiwan)
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Toyota Tank
Arswin (Thailand)
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Pit stop at Lake Toya
Joachim (Singapore)
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大美北海道  美景美人美不胜收~~~ 大山大叔大千世界~~~
大美北海道 (Hong Kong)
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During a family trip. Traveling from norobetsu to Lake Toya.
James271 (Singapore)
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Can’t imagine where am I
Oh Siong Lai (Malaysia)
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Jolene (Hong Kong)
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Jolene (Hong Kong)
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放慢腳步 感受世界
旅遊●就是不一樣 - 洞爺 (Hong Kong)
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Lake Toya firework in summer
tatsinee (Thailand)
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Toyako from Rusutsu (Mt. Isola)
airfinn (Republic of Korea)
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When the clouds of the heaven ascended down the pristine lake
micjen (Malaysia)
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Stunning fireworks at Lake Toya during the summer season.Simply awesome!
mabelle (Singapore)
Lake Toya cover with snow
elho (Malaysia)