Kushiro Castle
Enid Cheung (China(Hongkong))
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Huge & historic
Big and small castle (China(Hongkong))
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經歷過「颱風21號」的衝擊後,近畿地方終於回復平靜,在天朗氣清下,姬 路城散發出一股不愧為「世界文化遺產」的氣質,難怪被稱呼為「展翅的白鷺」。
世界文化遺產 - 姬路城 (Hong Kong)
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Great castle, nice place, worth a visit.
Jacinto (Portugal)
Very good experience of visiting Kansai again. 
Wilson Leung (Hong Kong)
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Beautiful day in Himeji!
r3yu (Canada)
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典雅之白色 (Hong Kong)
Himeji Castle with reflection in mote
Andy Zigmantas (United States of America)
Himeji castle after reformation
dshanby (United States of America)
Wonderfull castle in a wonderfull country!
paulenanja@zonnet.nl (Netherlands)